Phantom of the Opera

I had the amazing honor of creating a cake this past weekend for the closing of the 20 year world tour of The Phantom Of The Opera in Los Angeles.  Making this cake was a definite highlight in my career!  This is a replica of the Paris Opera House that the play was based around.

This was quite an undertaking, I spent days calculating the scale and the ingredients needed to make this cake for the hundreds of guests attending the party after the final curtain fell.  It was the largest cake I have made to date, measuring in at 6ft long, 3 feet wide, and a little over 3 feet tall!  I was really pleased with how it turned out!  I also had the rare opportunity to attend the party and get to see my clients and their guests responses to the cake!

Thank you to everyone at Phantom for this amazing experience, it was an honor to work with you all!



8 Responses to “Phantom of the Opera”
  1. Joel says:

    SICK!! You totally freak me out with your sculptures, er, I mean, cakes.

  2. artistkae says:

    It’s incredible! Thank you so much for posting photos so all of the phans could see :)

  3. Terri says:

    This is awesome. The detail and perfection are superb. A wonderful gift equal to the passion and beauty of a wonderful stage production.

  4. Cheryl says:

    Absolutely spectacular! As a person who hobbies in cake decorating, I am in awe of this work! KUDOS

  5. jim j bullock says:

    hey lindsey,

    i was a guest at that party and your cake blew me away! it was awesome! i took so many pictures. AND, it was delicious! you are an amazing artist and i wish you all the success you so rightfully deserve.

  6. Fanta says:

    What to say – its fabulous! thx for sharing with us!!
    I’ll try to make that Opera house from carved wood.

  7. Rachel says:

    I browsing through pictures of phantom of the opera cakes because I am trying to convince my parents it would be a great Sweet Sixteen thing since I have been in love with it since the 3rd grade (even though it’s way too expensive). I just had to say this cake is PHENOMINAL!!!! (if thats spelled right??) Your AMAZING and BEST OF LUCK in a prosperous cake business!!!! :D

  8. I think you are amazing. You are the reason I watch “Amazing Cakes.” I always hoped you would go off on your own so you could take the credit instead of Garren.